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Li Ke, May Lee, Joshua M. Rosenberg, and Christina Schwarz Modeling Across Content Areas: Examining Elementary Students' Attention to Mechanism K-12, Science
Alita Burmeister, Richard Lenski, Jim Smith Perceptions and Explanations of Microbial Evolution Science, College
Kathryn P. Kohn, Sonia M. Underwood, Melanie M. Cooper Approaches to the Assessment of Student Expertise in Mechanism Drawing Science, College
James T. Laverty, Melanie Cooper, Joe Krajcik, Diane Ebert-May Creating a Coherent Gateway for STEM Teaching and Learning at MSU Science, College
Joe Asiala, Don Johnson, Bridget Sadenwater STEM Education through Project-Based Learning K-12, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics
Kenneth Bradfield, Raven McCrory, Steven Wolf TEAM: Teacher Education and Mathematics for Improving Outcomes in MTH1825/100E College, Mathematics
Steven Wolf, Marcos "Danny" Caballero It’s “Just Math”: A New Epistemic Frame Science, College
Jana Jensen, Melanie Cooper Using evidence and reasoning to support claims: Students’ identification of acids and bases Science, College
Jane Lee, Joseph Krajcik How do teachers support students’ using and building models using computer-based material? K-12, Science
Chanyah Dahsah, Jane Lee, Renee Bayer, and Joseph Krajcik Designing Assessment Tasks for the Next Generation Science Standards K-12, Science
Elizabeth de los Santos, Sarah Stapleton, and Charles W. Anderson Developing a learning progression for sustainability K-12, Science, College, Engineering
Sarah Jardeleza, Rebecca Matz, Teresa McElhinny, Richard Allison, Jeanette McGuire, Jon Stoltzfus, Eran Andrechek, Louise Mead, John Gerlach, and Brian Schutte For Our Biology Students: Interventions in the Fundamental Genetics Course Science, College
Sarah Jardeleza, Rebecca Matz, and Cori Fata-Hartley Institutional Data for Data-driven Decision-making: Introductory Biology Model Science, College
Rebecca L. Matz, Sarah E. Jardeleza, and G. Mark Voit The Biology Initiative at Michigan State University Science, College
Cori Fata-Hartley, Sarah Jardeleza, Becky Matz, Lars Brudvig, Adele Denison, Kevin Haudek, Will Kopachik, John Merrill, Scott Mulrooney, Jon Stolzfus, Curtis Wilkerson Developing a Shared Vision of Big Ideas and Science Practices in BioSci161 Science, College
Michele Weston, Kevin Haudek, Luanna Prevost, Mark Urban-Lurain, and John Merrill Examining the Impact of Question Surface Features on Students’ Answers to Constructed Response Questions in Biology Science, College
James T. Laverty, Stuart H. Tessmer, Marcos “Danny” Caballero Integrating Practices and Core Ideas into MSU's Introductory Physics Courses Science, College
Subashini Sivakumar, Claudia E Vergara, Theodore Caldwell, Kyle Foster, Lisa Henry Rickey Caldwell, Tonisha Shanks-Lane Increasing Retention of Under-represented Minority Students in Engineering: The Diversity Programs Office - Scholars Program (DPO-SP) Science, College, Engineering
Claudia Vergara , Jon Sticklen , Mark Urban-Lurain , Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian , Michael Cavanaugh, Subashini Sivakumar Towards a Framework for Assessing Computational Competencies for Engineering Undergraduate Students College, Engineering
Joanne Philhower, Steve Bennett, Dante Cisterna, and Amelia Wenk Gotwals The Nature of Formative Assessment Practices in Mathematics and Science Lessons K-12, Science, Mathematics
Justin Micomonaco, Daniel Merian, Korine Wawrzynski The Effectiveness of Small-Group, Course-Based Research Experiences Science, College
Mark Urban-Lurain, John Merrill, Melanie Cooper, Carl Lira, Kevin Haudek Expanding a National Network for Automated Analysis of Constructed Response Assessments to Reveal Student Thinking in STEM Science, College, Engineering
Leah Corley, Melanie Cooper, Sonia Underwood Exploring students’ understanding of intermolecular forces Science, College
Tonya Bartell Is STEM Education Research Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Other, Mathematics
Sandra Crespo Solving the problem of unequal student participation by designing groupworthy math lessons K-12, College, Mathematics
Matthew Diemer, Kristen Bieda, Susan Blanshan, Joseph Cesario, Melanie Cooper, M. Brent Donnellan, Julie Lindquist, Jason Moser, Barbara Schneider, Matthew Wawrzynski Improving Undergraduate STEM Outcomes: The Spartan Persistence Project Science, College
Jamie Wernet, Kevin Lawrence, Nic Gilbertson Modeling Opportunities in Textbook Lessons K-12, Mathematics
Allison L. Freed, Jenny M. Dauer, Jennifer H, Doherty, and Charles W. Anderson Connections between student explanations and arguments from evidence for plant growth and metabolism K-12, Science, College
Thomas Deits, Celeste Stachurski, Erik Larson, Micaela Balzer Innovation 5 - a Resource for Community and Collaboration Science, Technology, Engineering, Other, Mathematics
Alanna Pawlak, Leanne Doughty, and Marcos “Danny” Caballero How students choose and use productive visual representations when solving problems about charge distributions Science, College
Ibrahim Delen, Joe Krajcik Teacher Practices and Scientific Explanations K-12, Science
Sonia M. Underwood, Melanie M. Cooper, David Reyes-Gastelum Using survival analysis to investigate how students’ ideas about structure and property relationships evolve during the first two years of college chemistry courses Science, College
Eryn M. Stehr, Lynette D. Guzman, Adam H. Hakes Technology and algebra in secondary mathematics teacher preparation programs College, Technology, Mathematics
Jennifer H. Doherty, Laurel M. Hartley, Cornelia Harris, & Charles W. Anderson Developing Understanding of Evolution in Complex Contexts K-12, Science, College
Nicole M. Becker, Melanie M. Cooper Developing evidence-based learning progressions for atomic-molecular forces and energetics in an undergraduate general chemistry course Science, College
David Stroupe Student Participation in Ambitious Science Classrooms K-12, Science
Douglas B. Luckie, Aaron M. Rivkin, Jacob R. Aubry, Benjamin J. Marengo, Leah R. Creech and Ryan D. Sweeder Socratic “verbal final” exam in introductory biology yields gains in student content knowledge and longitudinal performance Science, College
Richard A. Edwards, Funda Gonulates, Jen Nimtz Developing a Quantitative Worldview K-12, Mathematics