Innovation 5 - a Resource for Community and Collaboration



Thomas Deits, Celeste Stachurski, Erik Larson, Micaela Balzer
Innovation 5 is an exciting initiative to create a new kind of community-focused maker space for the Lansing community that will at the same time serve as a resource for hands-on STEM education for visitors to Impression 5 Science Center ( Innovation 5 merges a number of key directions in STEM education and entrepreneurship. Innovation 5 will serve as an 'on-ramp to innovation' for the underserved Lansing community as well as surrounding areas, enabling young people and adults to explore the Maker Revolution in a welcoming and supportive environment. The Maker Revolution is predicted to offer, over the next decades, entrepreneurial opportunities comparable to those arising from the Personal Computer Revolution. Innovation 5 will also be a resource for new programming for young visitors to Impression 5 Science Center and, by virtue of its close integration with Impression 5, inspire young visitors to return to Impression 5 in the critical middle years to participate in Innovation 5 for their own projects. Innovation 5 will also be a rich source for investigations into developing methods and assessing outcomes in determining whether the strategies employed at Innovation 5 do indeed inspire young people to pursue STEM studies and remain engaged in their education. We invite members of the MSU community to join in collaborations with Innovation 5 as we plan, execute and, we hope, spread this new type of informal science institution to other communities across the country. More information, including powerpoint presentations and published papers and reports on the Innovation 5 concept are available at our website,



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