TEAM: Teacher Education and Mathematics for Improving Outcomes in MTH1825/100E



Kenneth Bradfield, Raven McCrory, Steven Wolf
Faculty from the Departments of Mathematics and Teacher Education are collaborating on an NSF funded project to design and study an intervention in a developmental mathematics course. The course features project-developed research-based mathematics curriculum and pedagogy designed to increase students’ mathematical proficiency. Most students take the course entirely online. Students identified as at-risk enroll in a hybrid version of the course with twice-weekly face-to-face meetings. The project intervention focuses on one section of this hybrid course. Teachers for the project section are prospective mathematics teachers who are mathematics majors enrolled in a secondary mathematics methods course. As part of the requirements for the methods course, they prepare and teach lessons in the hybrid developmental mathematics class, coached by teacher education faculty. Qualitative and quantitative data compare the intervention group to the students that receive a typical online version of the developmental mathematics course. Results show that students in the intervention achieve at levels comparable to other sections, and enroll in College Algebra at a higher rate. Based on results from the first year, project students achieved at a higher level in College Algebra than their peers from the developmental mathematics course. The curriculum and pedagogy designed for this intervention could be scaled up to facilitate better mathematics performance and increased interest in STEM careers.



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